Steaks & Chops


Angus beef PORTERHOUSE 20oz, combination of strip & full filet.

With Dolcetto wine sauce.

Angus beef RIBEYE 20oz, well marbled, juicy & full flavor

With Rosemary Sangiovese wine sauce.

Angus beef T-BONE STEAK 16oz, juicy, tender bite right next to the bone. With Dry Marsala mushroom sauce.

Angus beef FILET MIGNON 8oz, the most tender cut.

With caramelized onions in a Barolo wine sauce.

Angus Beef NEW YORK STRIP 14oz, delicately marbled

With green peppercorn Chianti Wine sauce.


Lemon Lavender LAMB CHOPS, with Pinot Noir wine sauce.

Apple Juniper Berry PORK CHOP, with an Apple Zinfandel wine sauce.

All entrees served with seasonal vegetables & choice of:

  • Yukon gold mashed potatoes
  • Mushroom Risotto
  • Pasta with Marinara sauce
  • Pasta with garlic cream sauce